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Hi. My name is Sharon Kirstin. I’m the best-selling author of a book called The Answers Within, this week letting you know the next time you’re hesitating to take action, just ask yourself what is the worst thing that can happen, and just take one action today that will move you forward on your path. Don’t let this feeling of procrastination, and this I know you know the feeling when you’re like I should be doing this, but I’m not doing it. And you feel it inside, you feel it in your stomach … your stomach? Your tummy, or stomach, that’s what I was trying to say. Look, I’m combining words now.

Fight the Fear

But, you feel your tummy going in circles. It’s turning and churning, and whatever all those words are. But you know it doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t feel right. Your soul says hell no, this is not what you should be doing today. You should be over there following your dreams, following our expansion, follow our desires. Stretching yourself, being in contact with people, with energies. Allowing yourself to move forward and say yes to life.

Every time you say no, you’re going against the flow of life. And I know this is a bold statement, but hear me out. It’s not about saying not to things that are really not right for you, because if it doesn’t feel right, please say no. But if there is something in your life that you actually want to do, or it feels a little scary, but at the same time you kind of know it would be a great opportunity, or a great experience for you to grow as a person, say yes. Don’t wait until you’re ready, don’t wait until you’re ready.

Right Times Don’t Exist

I was not ready today to shoot this video, but I showed up anyways. It doesn’t matter and I hope this video serves you, I hope all of this serves you. I hope, because I’ve showed up today, your life got better. And that’s what I hope for you and for all of us, that we all show up for who are and how we can share, and how we can share our energy with the world, and touch the world with our authentic self, who we are. And through that, we all expand and we all become more together.

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