The 8 Essential Steps to Manifest Money

The 8 Essential Steps to Manifest Money …if you want, FAST!

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Manifesting money is probably on of the most popular ways manifesting is used. It is time that we stop feeling as if it’s unethical to desire money. Money is only energy and you can align your vibration with this energy, so that you call in money through your electromagnetic signature.

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We have so many associations of what money will do for us and we think all our worries will be gone, once we have just enough money.

The truth is, you don’t really want money.

Behind your desire for money, lies a deeper truth.

But let’s look at how you can manifest money fast. Here’s a step-by-step process on how I manifested 5K in a week:

  1. Clarity: How much money are you manifesting?
  2. Declutter: What does your purse and wallet look like? Declutter them from receipts and other useless papers. Receipts are a symbol for outflowing money, so we don’t want them in our money temple. Some even say credit cards have a bad money mojo as well. I would say that depends on your attitude towards them. For me they are neutral, so they stay in my wallet.
  3. Organize: Do you know what your financial statements look like? Do you manage your money or do you avoid looking at your bank account at all cost? Take out the fear, by bringing clarity into your finances.
  4. Gratefulness: This important! Start a gratefulness journal. Write at least 3 things you are grateful for in the morning and evening. It can focus on money, but doesn’t have to. Gratefulness is a powerful vibrational boost that shifts your frequency and opens you up to receive more to be grateful for.
  5. Spend money: Sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s powerful as well. Spend money with ease and gratefulness (not panic, then don’t do it) and send it off with a farewell wish “Thank you for being with me. I’m looking forward to welcoming you back into my life.” Money is energy and energy wants to flow. It  needs to flow.
  6. Identify your abundance state of being: Important! How would you feel if you had the money you’re manifesting now? Relaxed, happy, relieved, joyful? Find your desired feeling and practice it as often as you can. Just start feeling relaxed (or whatever you’d feel like) now.
  7. Take inspired action: Follow signs, ideas and opportunities that guide you to your manifestation. You’ll have to co-create!
  8. Receive: Let go of any resistance that may keep your manifestation away. Let it come to you and let go of any limiting beliefs (this doesn’t work, I’m not good enough…). Keep looking for proof that it’s already working and the money is on its way to you.

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