How much do you act vs. let the Universe bring your manifestation to you? 

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I got asked this question from one of my lightworking entrepreneurs over in my Facebook Group. It’s so relevant that I wanted to share it with you as well.

So, you know you co-create your manifestation. It’s not just you and it’s not just the Universe. It’s the synergy that makes the magic happen.

But how much should you be acting vs. getting out of the way for the Universe to be able to do its thing?

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Take action and the path will show. Even if you don’t know yet what you’re doing, just getting out of the house opens the door of opportunity. If you’d like to meet like-minded people, then you need to take the action to get out of the house and put yourself in a position where you can actually meet them. The Universe will reward this by bringing people to you that are like-minded. Yet, it can’t deliver them into your living room.
  1. What does guidance look like? Guidance can be as subtle as a new idea up to as clear as a new opportunity that presents itself. Truly it can be anything that resonates with the feeling of your manifestation.
  1. How do you recognize guidance? Guidance always comes from the heart and never from logic. Does your new idea feel exciting, yet maybe a bit scary? Take action! Does it feel off and restricting. Then you’re ego is trying to detour you. I wrote an article series about how to heighten your intuition ( and signs that you’ve heard your intuition ( . These will help you to understand and follow your inner guidance a lot better.
  1. How can you stay in a calm receiving state, but alert enough to take action? Make sure you have no resistance to receiving your manifestation. You feel worthy, ready and excited of having what you desire with every cell of your being. This way you are open and ready to receive. Even if the Universe manages to deliver your manifestation to your door step, one action you will have to take: Accept it.
  1. How you can ask the Universe for additional support: When asking for what you want, add “Please give me clear signs, if you need my help in co-creating this outcome. I’m ready and willing to do my part and all I ask that it will please be obvious to me, when my action is required. Please also give me the strength and courage to act, even if it’s outside my comfort zone. Thank you”
  1. How you can let go even more: Any worry regarding not knowing when to act stems from the Ego’s point of view. The ego is fearful and doubtful. It lets you doubt your powers as a creator and tries to make you believe that you won’t be able to get this right. To keep this internal saboteur in check – tell him/her that you’ve heard their concern, but you choose not to believe them. You trust that you will be guided and that you will recognize any signs that are being sent your way.

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