Manifesting – Why it’s a GOOD Sign Your Life’s Falling Apart

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You’ve asked for what you want, you’re looking for proof, you’re following the signs…and then…everything crashes!

Am I jinxed?! I manifest my deepest desires and what I get is a life falling apart?

If you believe it or not. This is actually a really GOOD sign!

Here’s what happens:

  • When you start manifesting you’re slowly but surely changing your energy, your vibration. You know, the frequency with which you interact with the universal field within and around you.
  • Thus parts of you and your life that no longer resonate with this frequency will inevitably fall away. This may show up like friends leaving, family turning away or any other small or bigger changes.
  • Change can be a really good thing though, when you are shedding the old and start inviting the new. It’s a natural process of making space for the new experiences you’ve asked to come into your life.

Keep pushing through these transitions and stay focused on what you desire.

Don’t let the transitory chaos pull you into doubt or fear, but see it for what it is: Proof that your manifestation is working.

Keep trusting that all is working out to your highest good and the good of others. Because it is.

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