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Hi. My name is Sharon Kirstin, bestselling author of the book called The Answers Within and, in this video, I would like to share with you the struggles, challenges and breakthroughs that I’ve had in the last year since my last vlog.

Eight months ago, I decided to cancel the lease on my apartment in Berlin and sell all my belongings. I sold everything that I owned and I decided to follow my heart, to follow my inner calling that was guiding me to a new place in life and, ever since, I’ve traveled to wonderful, high-vibe places like Venice, California, to Arizona, Sedona, to Tulum, Mexico, and to Ibiza, Spain. I have had the most amazing experiences in these high-vibe energy vortex places that provided healing insight and just mere development and molding of my energy, of myself, and who I was becoming in that period of time.

Now, I’m in a place where I feel so much more aligned with my inner truth, with what my souls is calling me to do, free from so many limitations that I’ve put on myself.

In a place where I can serve my clients from a place of high energy, clarity and just enabling them to have their big breakthroughs much faster, but it hasn’t always been this way. When I stopped vlogging, I got a call from my dad, and he told me that he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Now, that was a shock to me because my dad has always been the fittest and healthiest person in my family.

When I got that call late at night – I never expected this to happen. That wasn’t in my mind at all, I mean, you never expect someone to get sick, it started a whole wave of new thoughts within me and it challenged the life that I had built for myself.

Because, at that time, I was mostly sitting in my apartment, working from home, working on my business, working on my mission, just following that passion of touching people’s lives and transforming lives and helping them live their purpose and finding these innate superpowers that they have and using them to make a difference, but I was alone, and I was sitting alone in that apartment and I was so focused on working and optimizing my schedule that I was not in contact with real people a lot.

I was alone in my room. Yes, I was connected through the Internet, but, at the same time, I knew that I was limiting myself. I always came up with stories like, “If I make this and this amount of money, then I can travel. If I make this and this amount of money, then I can go live where I want to live.”

There was always a condition to everything that I truly desired within me. It was condition that, now, I couldn’t have it, maybe at some point in the future, and what it left me with was only chores, isolation and, really, a life that I did not want for myself.

It was just based on limitation and limiting beliefs that kept me stuck in isolation and, getting that call from my dad that evening, I realized that I was living a life that wasn’t true to myself.

And I also realized that I wanted to be there for my dad. I realized that these connections and the people in our life are so much more important than anything else that we do. The connections with our loved ones and spending the time with them, we’re never going to get that back, and what it also taught me was: we always think we have so much time, but what if we don’t? What if there is not unlimited time?

I mean, it’s pretty logical, right? There is no unlimited time for this life, but do we really think about that?

Do we really design our life in a way that we live it fully, authentically every day?

For me, in that moment, I had to say, “No, I wasn’t.” So I dropped everything that I could, especially the content creation that I was putting out in the vlog, and I started to go and help my dad.

I wanted to be there for my dad, and I did just that until he told me I need to go. He told me I need to live my life and that he doesn’t want me to just stick around and that he wants me to go and live my authentic life, and as hard as that was and as difficult as that was, within me, I felt he’s right.

So I started traveling and I started experiencing life in a whole new way, and I decided that I no longer want to spend my life isolated, waiting for my dreams to happen. Even though I was working on them in some way, I wasn’t living them. I wasn’t living them in the now. They were still in some type of future scenario that’s not here yet.

All this has taught me so much that I’m even more committed now to creating these breakthroughs for my clients.

We don’t need a breakdown to create a breakthrough, but the breakdown sure will come if we don’t act.

For me, at that point, I revisited my commitment to my mission and my purpose and I decided even more now than ever I am here to help my clients, to help you to create your own breakthrough, to shift your perspective on life, to shift the perception that you have of your own life, the perception that you have that maybe keeps you stuck in a reality that you don’t actually want to live, that you can make a new choice every moment of the day, that you don’t have to wait for some condition to come to you so that you can decide to live your life, to live your dreams, to step up and to be that person who owns it.

I’m even more committed to showing you the tools that will get you to activate your superpowers, your intuition, that inner guidance system, that will lead you to the people, the opportunities, the places that give you all those resources and the synchronicities that you need in order to create your most magnificent life.

Enable you to make choices that propel you forward in your life, these bold choices that right now you’re procrastinating on, maybe like me, because you’re coming up with all these limiting beliefs around what needs to happen before you can take action.

That’s why I’m even more committed than ever to share more content and videos that actually, truly, deeply help you to transform, to see yourself, to see reality in a different light, reframe reality for you, with you, in this dialogue that we’re having through these videos, through the content.

I’m here to do that and I’m committed to your breakthrough, to your elevation of consciousness, to your bigger self, to you stepping into who you want to become.

That’s what I’m here for, and I’m glad I’m back. I’m excited. I am so full of energy and ideas to bring new content to you, and if you like this video, please leave a comment below.

Tell me what you would like to hear more of. Tell me how I can help you and how I can serve you in becoming your best self and actually by aiding your intuition, your inner guidance system and really living your dreams from a place of authenticity and excitement.

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