The Powerful Key to Call in Your Manifestations

The Powerful Key to Call in Your Manifestations


You ask for your manifestation and you move into the receiving state.

You see proof of your manifestation coming to you: you have new ideas, new projects and opportunities present themselves, you’re taking action towards your desire.

Then out of the blue the exciting opportunities don’t work out or your new idea doesn’t feel exciting anymore.

You feel like you’re back to where you started from.

What’s happening?

  1. You’re not completely clear on what you want. You may not have taken the time to reflect upon why you really want to have this goal. It’s never for the superficial reasons you may first think you want it for. Money may be a symbol for freedom, relaxation or some other underlying desire of yours.
  2. Your energy is still ‘shaky’ in the beginning. You’re not yet fully present in your new vibration and not anymore aligned to your old vibration. So new things show up, but may not yet be what you need to co-create your desired outcome.

What you can do:

Identify your why. Why do you want your manifestation? Keep asking why until there is no more why to ask. You know like little kids when they respond to any of your answers with another ‘why’. Once you know why you truly want it, you can use this feeling and practice feeling this way already now.

This is your well-being state or living as if. Generate this feeling as often as you can. This will keep you aligned and focused on what you truly want. You can let go of the how and surrender to a miraculous way of receiving your manifestation.

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