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Hi. My name is Sharon Kirstin. I’m the best-selling author of a book called The Answers Within. Today I’d like to talk to you about the power of self-actualization in your life. Because you’ve probably heard me say this before, the most powerful tool for me is really a shift in perception, a shift in perspective, that is what creates change in an instant in our life.

The Power of Self Actualization

When we can really step outside of how we’ve seen the world until now and see it with new eyes, everything changes. Suddenly everything starts rotating 180 degrees and everything is different.

All you changed is yourself. Your inner world and your perception. The world around you didn’t change, but you suddenly freed yourself from the baggage of the past and you’ve allowed yourself to ascent into a new way of living and seeing and being.

I recently interviewed my dad on his life lessons. I wanted to get his pearls of wisdom on life, relationships, spirituality, anything that he has learned. I wanted to record it, to save it for the future, to have this conversation with him because he is very sick. He’s terminally ill and he was diagnosed with Stage Four Cancer last year, so for me, it was important to have this conversation with him.

The one thing that he kept repeating was, “What’s most important in life is self-actualization, to really understand yourself and understand who you are.”

Understanding Who You Are

I knew my dad was smart, and I knew he was wise, but that just rocked my world because it is just the truth. It is the truth. Once we can realize who we truly are, we change our perception of the world in the strongest and most powerful way because we relate to the world differently.

The thing is that we are not our body. This is not experience, right? We are eternal consciousness, choosing to live in this physical vehicle for a certain amount of time. To have a singular awareness of ourselves and of the world in a steady stream of time. Because if we’re not in this body, we’re outside of time and space somewhere on a higher dimension. Where we are so immersed in oneness that we cannot experience the singular awareness as we do in this human physical form.

This is a gift. Being in this physical body is a gift, and realizing who you truly are is a gift as well because it empowers us to see that we’ve chosen this experience and we’ve chosen it for a certain amount of reasons. For certain, really good reasons. And the reason was not to be afraid of life.


The reason why we chose was to experience ourselves, to say, “Yes” to life. Say, “Yes” to experiences, to expand ourselves into the unknown. To become more, to explore our limits and realize that we have no limits. That we can do anything we want to do if we choose to do so because we are unlimited consciousness. We are one within universal energy.

With this consciousness we can command energy. We can command ourselves, our energies, our programs to leave. And we can align ourselves with that higher version of us. We can align ourselves with our soul purpose. We can listen to it, and we can hear the voice so loud and clear that gives us that desire on where we are going in life.

When we align ourselves with our soul purpose and our soul desire, that’s when we feel alive. That’s when we feel fulfilled and happy and excited to explore our full potential. That’s when we realize that there really are no limits. And the only limits that we experience are the limits that we’ve set within ourselves.

When we unlock these limits within, everything else gets unlocked on the outside as well because anything is possible. All we need is to realize who we truly are. We came into this experience to be powerful creators of our own experience. We came into this experience to transcend this physicality of ours, and to let this consciousness of unlimited potential pulse through us, push us forward, pull us forward. Into experiences that we never thought were possible.

A Gift to Yourself

So yes, the biggest gift that we can give to ourselves is to realize who we really are. And that we can be whoever you choose to be because we are unlimited consciousness. We are not our identity. We are not the past. We are not the past experiences. We are not our past actions. We are not who we’ve been yesterday or ten minutes ago.

Every moment we can choose to be new. You can choose to be someone else. Everything that we’ve been is only the past, but we have the gift of vision to be someone else, as well.

The prefrontal part of our brain gives us the possibility to see beyond what is into what could be. And this part of our brain is huge for humans compared to other species.

We have the ability to create and adapt. This is the gift that we have as humans, and our potential says that with this humongous prefrontal brain our ability, our gift, is that we can see beyond what it is.

We can see the impossible and we can find creative, adaptive solutions to make that happen.

Realize who you truly are and that you came into this experience with a huge prefrontal brain that makes you unique in the animal kingdom and allows you to experience yourself with creativity, adaptability, and to create things that have never been before.

If you don’t believe in manifesting or in purpose or whatever, just believe in your brain. Everything is pointing you in the direction of you were meant to live a bigger life than just a life of reaction.

You’re not meant to live a life of reaction and challenge and resistance.

That’s not who you are. You’re meant to live a life of creativity, adaptability, of creative solution finding, of the vision beyond what’s possible.

You’re meant to push the boundaries of possibility into the unknown, and to make the impossible possible.

That’s who you really are, and that’s what true self-visualization is, realizing that you are unlimited potential.

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