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Hi. My name is Sharon Kirstin. I’m the best-selling author of a book called The Answers Within.

What if I followed my dreams?

What if I actually put myself out there, and I get criticised, because maybe I’m not good right away. Maybe my family doesn’t love me anymore, and they leave me because they just don’t understand. Or maybe I feel alone, because my friends can’t relate to me anymore, or, maybe I make investments that don’t pay off right away. Maybe I burn myself out trying to make this dream come true. Or, maybe I lose time, money, energy, recognition, maybe I lose love, maybe I lose all these things.

What if I do all this. I put myself out there, and my dreams may never come true and I lose all of that. This video is for you. If some version of this has been playing in your head, and has kept you from taking action towards your dream, and your desire that is within you that wants to break for it, break through, break out of you. You need to understand, your mind was designed to keep you safe. It craves certainty above anything. Your mind is a machine designed to draw up all the references from within you, that once you start making that decision, it draws up all these indicators of why its really not a good idea for you to go forth, and do that thing you love, because it’s not safe.

The Comfort Zone

You’re putting yourself outside of your comfort zone, and your mind, your ego can no longer control what you are exposing yourself to. I mean, putting your ideas and your dreams out into the world, your brain goes like poof. Yeah. I just made that face. It’s like, “Danger, danger, danger. Don’t do it, don’t do it.” This means whenever you think about your dreams, and desires, your brain automatically goes into highlight this is why it won’t work, and highlight this is why it won’t work, and highlight reference back in your life, or what you’ve seen with someone else. It draws in all these highlights, and it says, “Don’t do it, it’s not a good idea.”

Your brain is really not your friend when it comes to change, risks and progress. It wants to keep you safe, it wants to keep you where you are. It’s doing a pretty good job, you know? It’s actually quite good that you have this internal safety mechanism. But the thing is, it can’t differentiate between real danger and perceived danger. So your reptilian brain responds to perceived danger with stress, which results in nervousness, aggression and helplessness. All this, because we humans are probably the only species … We are the only species on the planet who can worry for nothing.

We can come up with reasons to worry about stuff, although it’s never happened, and will maybe never happen.

So, even if you’re taking steps towards your goals, with every step you basically need to stretch yourself, and you need to keep stretching yourself outside of your comfort zone, past that comfort zone into uncertainty. A well managed mind is a weapon that catapults you towards your desires, every single day. An unmanaged mind will stop you from getting financial abundance, from success, from living your dreams, from being happy in your life. Just overall not happy, seriously. Your mind makes you unhappy.

Choosing Comfort or Change

So, if you don’t embrace uncertainty on our path through life, we keep recreating the same patterns over, and over again. We keep living the same life. There is no change, there is no advancement. But your soul wants to expand. You know, you live the same kind of day over and over again. And I really hope this is not happening to you, but maybe it is. Maybe you are living the same day over and over again.

That’s really not what your soul wants. Your soul has this desire and drive to expand, to experience more, to live more, to be more, it wants to keep progressing, and it wants to move through life and say yes to this, and yes to this, and let me get this experience, and let me try this, oh, this resonates, have more of that. You can only find out what resonates and feels good, if you try it.

Everything to gain

Every time you take a risk, you evolve, your soul evolves, your soul expands into more. Every time your life evolved, changed, or got better in some way, you have to take a risk. Maybe quitting your job and getting a new one, maybe falling in love with someone, and trusting that person. You know, you had to trust in a faith that this is going to work out somehow. You have to have vision beyond what’s currently happening in your life, and trust that it is right for you.

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