"The search for meaning in life is the expression of your soul's desire to feel fully alive."

- Sharon Kirstin

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Master Your Energy. Master Your Life.™

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Easy manifesting with these guided 15-minute visualizations for wealth, health and love. Imprint your desires on the quantum field and watch miracles unfold.

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Amazon Best Seller: The Answers Within

The Answers Within is a guide to finding your soul’s true purpose and igniting your hidden spiritual superpowers. It’s jam packed with transformational exercises, meditations and cosmic wisdom.

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Free 4-Part Purpose Video Training

Find your life purpose and create the lifestyle of your dreams. Learn my 6-step purpose framework, get mindset hacks to increase clarity, courage and confidence and get actionable tools that guide you to take the first steps into the life of your wildest dreams.

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My work is dedicated to

teaching you how to master your energy so that you supercharge your electromagnetic field and with it manifest the intentions of your dream life with strength and clarity.

About Me

Hi, I'm Sharon...

– Bestselling Author. Life Coach. Spiritual Guide.

I help my clients find their purpose based on their soul’s authentic blueprint and master their energy to become potent cocreators with the universe so that they can build their dream lifestyle.

But I was a career junkie once…I’ve built and lead the Web & Mobile User Experience department for one of the world’s most successful startups ranking #5 in The Wall Street Journal’s “Billion Dollar Startup Club” 2014.

After my spiritual awakening far up in the Himalayan mountains I couldn’t go back to “normal.” In an out-of-body experience I received visions and the empowering message: “You created this life. You can create differently.”

Now, I teach my clients about the art of manifesting, awakening your spiritual self, energy healing, mindset work and reprogramming yourself to truly feel alive by living your authentic and full expression.

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Love Notes

They are living their best life. Now it's your turn.

“Sharon helped me identify and release my fears and limiting beliefs. That I am free from all the worries within such a short period of time feels like magic to me!”
– Ivonne Rill

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“I had tried different coaching, therapy and psychics in search for solutions for a long time, but the help didn’t shift my energy like the work with Sharon did.”
– Cristiano Alves

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 “A cathartic experience! Sharon guided me safely through my spiritual awakening. Now I am proud of who I am and what I do.”
– Fia Flow

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